IoT in Norway, settings?

Hello, we are unable to setup a connection here in Norway. We are using the new Sodaq Sara N211.

Are there any settings needed to be made to the Ublox module that we are unaware of?

We are using the Serial passthrough sketch provided by Sodaq, and it works great for using those AT commands.

The checklist provided by our telecompany is this:

The following checklist may help solve connectivity issues with NB-IoT devices. Go through
the list from top to bottom to identify what step is causing issues.

  1. Are you running the latest Ublox firmware version?
    Old firmwares may not be supported by the network. Test by running ATI9.
    Latest version per 2018-03-20: 06.57,A03.02

  2. Does the device has an IMEI?
    Earlier firmware versions did not preserve it. Check with AT+CGSN=1, it should
    return an IMEI number and OK. If there is no number, it needs to be programmed

  3. Is the device set to connect automatically?
    Check with AT+NCONFIG?, should return “AUTOCONNECT”,“TRUE”. If not, run
    Alternatively, run the following commands after each reset or power-on:

  4. Are configuration parameters set correctly?
    Check that the remaining parameters are set as follows. Note that you may have to
    disable the radio with AT+CFUN=0 to change them and that reset with AT+NRB is
    required to save and apply the new settings.
    +NCONFIG: “CR_0354_0338_SCRAMBLING”,“TRUE”

  5. Does the device see a base station?
    If AT+CSQ returns 99,99, there is no signal. If the first number is in the range 0-32,
    the device can see a base station (but may not be allowed to connect).

And this is where the fun ends, it always returns 99,99. And we have tested being within 100 meters from the base antenna.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance, Kim

You’ll need some extra AT commands to connect to you MNO, are you using these also?

  • AT+NCDP=< some IP address >
  • AT+CGDCONT=1,“IP”,"< some URL >"
  • AT+COPS=1,2,"< some MNO identifier >"

Contact your local MNO to get the right values to be filled in between <…>

Thanks for your fast reply.

Forgot to mention, that Telia doesnt support CDP, they only support UDP, and they say that we should recieve APN and network operator automatically. They provided us with an APN and network operator we could try out but the result was the same.

Any ideas? Theres limited info to be found online.

I have no experience with UDP yet :frowning:

Hi Kim

did you manage to get it running with Telia?
I am in Norway too and just starting with a SARA AFF R410M board.
Can you help we with the right AT commands for Telia?

Cheers, Uta