Interfacing the sensors with analog output (e.g LM35)

I am a newbie to SODAQ boards and just getting started with SODAQ SARA R410M. I am used to interfacing sensors with analog outputs (e.g. LM35 sensor for temperature) to ADC pins on the development boards and reading the appropriate register to interpret the sensor output. I am not quite sure whether the the output of such a sensor can be interpreted and processed in same way on SODAQ board I’m using. Do we have any ADC pins on SODAQ SARA R410M?

Any leads / documentation would be helpful.


The header pins with the ‘A’ prefix (A1-A5) can be used for measuring voltage based analog inputs.

Here is the general Arduino guide on the topic:

Please note that the IO levels are 3.3V, and the default ADC resolution is 10bit (the ADC supports up to 12bit resolution see for more info).

Do not attach any instrument that will output more than 3.3V.

It is also possible to control the reference voltage and the gain levels of the input, however, this is a bit more involved.