Intel Curie Genuino 101 + Sodaq Issues!

I’m having a hard time getting the Intel Curie Genuino 101 board and Sodaq to work. The combo used to work for few days. This might be more of a Genuino 101 issue than a Sodaq issue or vice versa. Not sure. When I upload my sketch to the Genuine 101 Intel Curie board, each time I had to make a master reset to put the device on DFU mode. After this, If I use just the Curie Genuino 101 board, I can read and send commands via serial interface. The moment I plug the Sodaq shield, I can no longer read/ write from the serial interface. I’m not sure if the combo is using too much power? Please help. I’ve tested the same with different sets of genuino 101 + sodaq shield and I can confirm that the problem is the same on all boards that I tested.

If the same Serial / UART is connected both to the USB and to pins 0 / 1 on the shield, they you must have the shield disconnected while programming the board.

Additionally, if you want to try the pass through sketch, you will have to have the shield disconnected and wire it up using a software serial.