Import SODAQ ONE v2 sketch in Atmel Studio 7

I wish to use my SODAQ with Atmel Studio 7. For me the Arduino ‘IDE’ is rather too limited. However, I already have a Sketch.

So, in my simple world I would like to import this Sketch. When creating a project there is the ‘Import from Arduino Sketch’ option. I can then choose SODAQ ONE from the menu! Wow, but it then gives me an error, saying the board is not supported :frowning: . So, instead I have tried all options for Arduino M0 * and Arduino/Genuino Zero *, without luck… The project is created, but whatever I try, I get errors when compiling. Well I expected some, but what I don’t understand is the error in USBCore.o, with the objects EPINTENSET and EPINTFLAG. Apparently it misses members for these registers (STALL0, STALL1, TRCPT0, etc…).

Should I define a special symbol for compiling? Or do I miss a library? Any help is welcome!


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The Arduino SAMD core is installed in:


Additionally, there are other dependencies such as CMSIS which can be found in:


However, these may already be available from Atmel Studio.

Please could you explain the steps required to work with Atmel Studio 7 and the demo project for SODAQ ExpLoRer

Is this the correct project?

I still in 2017 get an error when i attempt to import the Arduino project into Atmel Studio 7.

Please give users a step by step setup guide for Atmel Studio & this new special kit that is so important for IoT and MICROCHIP.

That library is for the LoRa module. It is a fork from here:

I’m not sure if anyone has created the board description/template for using the ExpLoRer in Atmel Studio.

However, if you are familiar with setting a project from a generic board template, then the schematic here can provide you with the details as to what IO pins are connected to where:


My ExpLoRer board arrives Monday I hope 25th Sep.
It’s sitting 30 miles away from me, on its own in Inverness.

I will try and get the example code for LoRaWAN ported to Atmel Studio 7 next week.

This I will test with TTN gateway I have set-up here in Forres.