HTTP GET on Sara-n211


I am porting a service onto the Sodaq Sara-n211 board that uses HTTP GET…

I am using this in the UK.

The Sara N211 does not support the HTTP at commands (they give error when tested) so I am attempting to use UDP sockets instead. Unfortunately these are failing to work (it feels like they are being firewalled somewhere).

Is there any way to trick the Sara-n211 into sending HTTP over TCP/IP (GET or POST) ? if not then should I be looking at a different board?

if it helps - here are the AT commands I am currently using:
at+NSOSTF=0,“IPaddress”,80,0x400,88,“HTTP GET as hex”

(I can share the IP address and HTTP GET data privately)


Hi Tim,

Most (all as far as we know so far) operators do not allow for TCP over NB-IoT, with the N211 you’re restricted to this RAT and thus cannot use TCP.

You need to make sure you have a connection first AND a PDP context activated, do check the datasheet for this.

We use the USOCR and USOST commands for this, not the NSOCR or NSOSTF commands.
If you insist on using HTTP GET I’d recommend you set up a server that accepts UDP packets, performs the HTTP GET command and forwards this back to the device.

Or you can use a different board, LTE-M (and 2G) support it.

I’d recommend using our libraries for this, we have this all built in.


Thanks Thom,

You are of course right about the use of NB-IoT using UDP. However, the Sara N211 does not appear to support USOCR and USOST commands (at least not the sw version I have as when I run the test command for these they come back error).

I’ll experiment some more to see if I can get HTTP working and post the result here…


Hi Tim,

I just checked and you are right. The USOCR is only supported on the N3 series, you have an N2 chip. My bad. :sweat_smile:

All other advice still stands.