How to send the SARA-n211 Module in PSM and measure the Power consumption in sleep mood

Dear sir,
How can I send the module in PSM and how can I check that it’s in Power saving mode. I also wants to measure the power consumption in power saving mode. Which pin should I use on the board to measure the current consumption?
I have gone through the website of SARA but I didn’t get any detailed description about power saving mode and how to measure it.

Could anyone help me. I am working on my master thesis and I am using SARA n211 module. Now I want to measure the power consumption of module in PSM.

Waiting for a Positive reply.
Radheshyam Singh

Hi @Radheshyam_Singh,

The PSM timers are network dependent, you can send a request to the network operator, but they are up to decide if they honor your request.

With +NSOSTF you can put it to sleep after sending a message.

All N2 commands:

You can need to connect a powering measuring tool in between your power supply and the board.

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Dear jan,
I have tried to send Sodaq SARA-n211 module in power saving mode and in my case every time I got 16.1 mA but in the specification mentioned by Sodaq is 3 micro ampere. So My question is , The specified current given in power saving mode is for the entire sodaq sara n211 board or only for the chip i mean only for the n211 module ?module%20or%20chip Entire%20board%20with%20module

Dear @Radheshyam_Singh,

Is indeed too much to current in sleep mode.
Did you turn off all other components on the board?

Did you try this sketch to test the low power consumption?

When you keep the N2 module in PSM it can add a few uA.

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