How to backup, restore and upgrade uBlox SARA-N200 firmware


Could some one help to guide me how to upgrade ublox SARA N200 via SODAQ NB-IOT shield ?

Many thanks for the help in advance and have a nice day.



We have u-blox local contact to support since they want to prompt new firmware, just guess it may due to compatibility and market competition concern for makers.
The local offered UEupdater & manual are with general description. Different PCB design/layout may have special tricks need to follow. ( just need clear and sufficient preparations before NBIOT shield firmware upgrade, to keep it alive, as it took thousands KM to reach here…)

It will need more info from NB-IOT shield ( with link below )

to tell which pin should connect to UART correctly, and specific steps, such as, if need MCU connect or not ? not so clear about “pass-thru” mode mentioned in manual.

Trying to check more from other discuss thread & found below picture. but picture is not clear with connected FTDI and NB-IOT shield for pins definition…

Is the picture talking that using FTDI UART to connect NB-IOT shield PINs without MCU onboard then upgrade it ?

Appreciate for detail steps with clear pin connection diagram whenever available.


Firmware upgrade ok by following below discuss thread.

There was struggling time and probably key steps below.

  1. Upgrade success base on MCU “pass-thru” mode as need MCU to power up pin 7. “enable SARA” mentioned from Chris.
    I am using Arduino Leonardo as MCU & follow Chris code. ( from above link, the complete one )

  2. Before upgrade, need make hardware reset. just follow Gregory’s picture.

  3. Tx/Rx pin in 1 & 2 may confuse ( connection between FTDI UART to NB-IOT shield ), if first time fail then swap Tx/Rx & try again.
    It looks strange but for my case, FTDI Tx pin connect to NB-IOT shield D1 ( Tx) & Rx to D0 (Dx) finally work…

Thanks for the useful info offered from above link.