How is LoRa transciever interfaced to SodaQ SAMD?


I would like to understand how is LoRa transciever, Microchip chip, interfaced with the the SAMD, looking into its schematic I see that it’s wired from MicroChip LoRa UART to two pins into the SAMD MCU.

My questions is more related to how Arduino Software maps this wired connection or where it does happen. Is the library HardwareSerial the one in charge to do the mapping or is SoftwareSerial is used instead?

May someone enlight me a bit?

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There is a HardwareSerial connection between the RN module and SAMD MCU. Serial1 is used here.


Hi @Jan

Thanks for replying!

So, the library that controls/manages the connection towards the RN2483 is the Arduino HardwareSerial? I see that there’re three sort of serial ports so I was wondering which does use SODAQ ONE

Thanks again