GettingStarted Webcast?

Hi Sodaq team,

I just got my Sodaq One in the post. Really looking forward to getting started with it. In order to deal with all of the questions that you are likely to receive, are you planning to run some sort of webcast for newbe’s to Lora? Here are some of the initial questions that I would like to hear in the webcast:

  • How do I know if my LoraOne is working out of the box? What is the quickest way to see this?

  • How do I connect the LoraOne to The Things Network? What do I need to configure in my Arduino app to make it work? What will it do when done? Is there any sort of simple reference sunny day hello world app?

  • Is there a simple way to link all of the sensors on the sodaq One to an MQTT broker such as or