Getting 5V from USB on Mbili

Hello there,

I would like to use a shield that commubicates via i2c so 3.3v is ok, but it also has some isolated DC/DC converter that needs 5v…

i have looked at the schematics but found no “elegant way” of getting 5v from USB :wink:

any idea ?



Hi Laurent,

Unfortunately, there’s not a elegant way of getting the 5V of the Mbili directly. You can ‘tap’ the 5V by, for example, soldering a cable to one of the pins of the slide switch (but this is a bit ‘hacky’).

Could you share which shield you are using and how you are connecting this to the Mbili?

Hello Gregory, thanks for answering.

today i’m stealing 5V from one pin of the USB connector.

here is the detail of the shield and the reason why i need 5V