Gateway Configuration files

I want to configure the below frequency channels for my gateway:
a. Channel 0 = 865.0625 MHz (SF 7 to 12, BW125kHz)
b. Channel 1 = 865.4025 MHz (SF 7 to 12, BW125kHz)
c. Channel 2 = 865.9850 MHz (SF 7 to 12, BW125kHz)
d. RX2 = 866.5500 MHz (SF8, BW 125kHz)

Can some one help me on writing up the Gateway configuration file.

Kamran Alam

Dear Kamran Alam,

What kind of Gateway do you want to use?
What is the network operator you want to use?

Best regards,

I am using Multitech MTCDT 8 channel lorawan gateway.
Currently i am using Open source lorawan server available at



I don’t have any experience with this lorawan server.

It looks like there is already something you need in there, There are already mulitple configurations available. Maybe this file helps you!