Firmware RN2483 1.04

Is the firmware on github the latest version?
Had contact with microchip and they posted a firmware online 1.04 which is posted later then the one on github. When looking in the firmware it seems different??


Hi @Eddy_Tick

We usually get a beta version and when we get a release version we test it and put it also on github.
This should be the latest version.

There are always two version around, one with and one without bootloader.
Maybe you compare those two?

Where can I find the version you talk about? Then I can compare the two.

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It is available at the microchip site

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I will look into this soon.

And any news, we still have the sleep problem. Stuck at 2.68 mA.


It has been a while now, any update??




I didn’t had time to check this yet.

The 3mA issue is that you don’t put the module into sleep.
Do you put it to sleep for themaximum time? 3 days?

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It sleeps for 20 minutes, so this max is not hit :slight_smile:

I tested the 1.0.4 we have in our RN2483Updater and I can confirm this version is low power.
I have with the latest public tracker code + RN 1.0.4 a power consumption of AVG: 135uA

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