ExpLoRer Kit compatibility with RSPI 3

Do you know if the SODAQ ExpLoRer is compatible with a raspberry pi 3 or 2 ?
I want to put my ExpLoRer on a breadboard and link the serial port to the RSPI.
Can i send order from the RSPI’s serial port ?
I think it can be compatible, but i don’t know if i can use it without arduino library.


This should be compatible. Both I/O voltages are 3.3V
Connect Rx->Tx and Tx->Rx
and connect a ground pin GND->GND

On the Explorer you can use D0 and D1 as Rx/Tx, these are connected to Serial
On the Explorer in Arduino Code:
Serial.write / print / println

On the Pi you don’t need to do this in Arduino Code.

Let me know if you get it to work.

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Thanks for your reply,
I don’t receive yet my ExpLoRer Kit (it takes time for administrative reasons), but I will test your suggestion.
To continue, i need to find all commands i can send in expLoRer’s serial port,do you know where i can find a website (or PDF) witch reference all these commands with comments ?

Hi Damara,

I think you’re asking for LORA commands for the RN module.


Hi thom,

Thx for your reply, but i don’t know if we can execute theses commands directely on EpLoRer’s serial.

For me, theses commands can only be use on the serial port 3 (from schematics) and not on the first (serial 1) which is the only one I can control. I’m right ? Or can I just send it on ATSAMD21J18 and it will reply it to the microship RN2903 ?

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You need to load a Serial Passthrough sketch. Send all commands from Serial to Serial2.
Change SerialUSB to Serial.

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Many thanks for all your replys,

I will test your suggestion when I would have received my breadboard.