ExpLoRer board without Arduino

Hello all,

(sorry for my frenglish) :grin:

I’m currently experiencing a problem with the ExploRer board.

I would like to program the board in C from Atmel Studio without using the Arduino IDE.
The only problem is that it doesn’t work… In this example I only use the bootloader .hex from the samd21 ExpLoRer.

I can still generate the program but I can’t verify it … (return the address 0xFF) :

Verifying Flash…Failed! address=0x0000 expected=0xfc actual=0xff

I can read registers but the program doesn’t want to flash with the .hex file.

Have you ever experienced this problem and do you have any solutions?

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Hey @ohtnaj,

How did you try to program it? Do you have the Atmel-ICE? How you connect it to the ExpLoRer?
Maybe @Gregory can help you with that.