EVK-R410M Communication settings

I am having trouble communicating with my EVK-R410M board since updating the FW.

The comm ports are present, but I can only send AT commands maybe 1 in 30 times.

I have tried the default settings, plus the ones that work OK with my SARA-N211.

Does anybody have any known working settings I could try

Thanks in advance

Hi @dustewar,

You can try to send the AT+CFUN=15 commands to remove the saved profile.
This usually works better when you first remove the sim card.

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Communication is now working OK.
But registration with Vodafone NW is not.
Vodafone IoT SIM card is working OK with SARA-N211, but will not register with R410M.

Seems all the settings are correct, but any ideas welcome.

Also any AT+URAT commands returns an error "+CME ERROR: Operation not supported)


I have updated the AT commands an hour ago.
The new R410M firmware requires you to set a mno profile.

Please have a look at the commands:

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