Downgrade SARA-N211 and SARA N-210

I have now changed the firmware at the NB-IOT Arduino shield (To B650SP8), using codeloader and a USB-to-serial convert. But after changing the firmware I cannot communicate with the UBLOX chip with AT commands anymore. When it starts up it stops after returning (See attached screenshot). Before changing the firmware it also returned “OK” after this, to tell it is ready. Are we missing something or what do you think, what can we do?

When I try writing AT commands it just writes it at the console, but no response, just like seen in line 5 “Neul AT+CGMR”. Next line is after reset the shield, by pressing the “SW102” at the shield.

I have tried to reverting back to the firmware the shield came with (B656), but now it will not even startup and return “Neul”.

Please help :slight_smile: