Does anyone have N-211 FW 06.57-A07.03 available?

Does anyone have available N211 06.57 A07.03 FW available and could send it to me in PM? After upgrading my N211-02B module to the newest FW (06.57 A09.06) it seems to not recognize the SIM card…

Hi, I have had the same problem and contacted Ublox. They say you need the N211-02X, the 02B are actually engineering samples that should not be used(!). I did not get a straight answer, but they implied the A09.06 might break some 02B devices. I now have 3-4 N211 shields that no longer work. Much like what you describe, mine still respond to commands but the radio can not be activated… I will just keep my remaining devices on A07.03…

Hi again,

Got it working yesterday after finally getting hold of 06.57 A07.03 FW.
Installed/downgraded FW to 06.57 A07.03 --> all ok, then I upgraded again to 06.57 A09.06 with great success :smile:

Suggest you try the same if your shields had an very old FW before upgrading to A09.06.
Which version did they have?

Awesome! I will try that!

Also, Ublox contacted me again and took back the part about 02B not being compatible with A09.06. They also asked me to send them one of my faulty units for examination.

Hi everyone,

Here at SODAQ we are also investigating the issue.

Do you guys have issues with a 02B on a shield?
Or with a 02B on a SARA AFF / SFF board?

I don’t have issues with my SARA AFF 02B with A09 firmware.
But the shield has issues. Let me know what board you use. We can maybe relate it to a production batch!

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Hi Jan, yes this was one of the 02B shields from the original Kickstarter.

I managed to recover one of mine now by doing the following:

  • Downgraded from A09-06 to A07.03 - did not work
  • Downgraded to A03.02 - did not work
  • Flashed A03.02 again with “Write config” checked - NOW IT WORKED!
  • Flashed A07.03 with “Write config” checked - still works
  • Flashed A09.06 with “Write config” checked - still works :tada:

I think the problem occurs when upgrading from A03.02 directly to A09.06. It seems devices that had A07.03 upgraded fine, but I am not sure.

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I can confirm that we have the similar results.
Upgrading directly to A09 without updating to A07 sometimes results into bad behavior.

Every “broken” module we could revive by downgrading to A07
After downgrading we could re-upgrading to A09 and all modules still kept working.

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