Do the LIS3DE accelerometer readings depend on the set up threshold?


I am using the sodatracker with the LIS3DE acceleromter, and I was wondering whether the readings from the accelerometer reading are relative to the set threhsold or not.

Let’s say I have configured my device like this

			LIS3DE::XHigh | LIS3DE::XLow | LIS3DE::YHigh | LIS3DE::YLow | LIS3DE::ZHigh | LIS3DE::ZLow,
			80* 2.0 / 100.0, accDuration, LIS3DE::MovementRecognition);

where the threshold is 80% of 2G

If the interruption is triggered, is the reading from the Accelerometer LIS3DE relative to the threshold or not? In other words, is the measurement = ACC or measurement = ACC + threhsold?

Thanks in advance!

I believe the threshold is simply the level at which the interrupt will be fired and do not affect the readings.

The acceleration readings are based on 2G/4G/8G/16G setting.
The registers on the LIS3DE store an 8bit signed integer for each axis.

So +127 register reading on any axis with 2G range will be +2Gs.
However, the accessor functions in the Sodaq library automatically map the range and returns a ‘G’ float value.