Detecting Sim Card Ndogo

When I use the AT+CSMINS (sim inserted status reporting) command on the Ndogo I get a 0, 0 response meaning the SIM card is not inserted which is wrong.

Does it mean my sim card is broken or is there a chance that I have to unlock the sim card somehow?

Yes according to the datasheet, the second value in the response should be 1 if there is a sim inserted.

You could try enabling the detection USR (indicated by the first response value) using AT+CSMINS=1

It might be that in only gives a correct reading if the USR is enabled?

Still nothing, I put the sim card in a mobile phone and it worked fine.
Perhaps someone has a simple Ndogo connection program to test some of its basic functionality?

I tried it with another SIM with the same result.
Is there a way to check if its a hardware error? or could it be caused because the sim needs 5v perhaps? (not sure)

“AT+CSDT=1” switches on the SIM Card detection I found out.

In the reference it says ‘User should select 8-pin SIM card holder to implement SIM card detection function.’
However I cannot find a command for that… The Ndogo has a 6-pin one doesnt it? … meaning its unable to detect simcard?


+CME ERROR: SIM not inserted

Looking at the schematic, the micro-sim holder is a six pin type. Additionally, there is a pin labelled SIMPRE which is not connected. According to the datasheet that pin is used for SIM card detection. So it appears that the detection function is not available on the Ndogo.