Deep sleep connectivity and power draw

Hi guys!

I’m working on a battery powered controller using the SODAQ SARA R410M. I’m trying to figure out wether it’s more power efficient to keep the SARA connected or to have it go to sleep and reconnect every time it needs to send data. So far I’ve been using the code provided during the workshop in order to determine the time it takes to connect. Being able to see what is happening through the serial monitor is very useful. Yet the workshop code has a lot of functions I don’t want to use. That’s why I would like to write my own code that simply connects to the NB-IOT network and sends a couple of bytes of data.

Are there any of you who have done something similar? I’m pretty new to AT commands. How does one send AT commands using a .c file for example?

Thanks in advance!



we are doing tests with the sodaq/sara modules. We use python to send AT-commands and just hook it up to our computers with a passthrough program on the arduino.

Our library is open source an it might fit your need.

We have not implemented any functions for Power save mode yet. If you have knowledge on how you can fork the library and implement it and then issue a pull request for the change. If you don’t have any knowledge on python open an issue about your need and we can implement it when there is time.

To use it now you can just use the module._at_command() to send any at command to the module.

If you want a nice log output you just set up normal python logging with debug level.