Decode LoRa data


I’m sending data from my Sodaq One v3 to my LoRa network. When I receive the data payload in my JavaScript application it is in this format: AYgH7j8A3KYABkACAgGOA2cBaA==

When trying to use the JavaScript function atob() (to decode base64) I get:
Decoded data: ˆaî?

Also putting the DEFAULT_CAYENNE_ENABLED on 0 in the Sodaq One project will generate a different kind of data that I still cant decode.

Does anybody know a way I can display the data decoded?

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You need to convert base64 to hex
There are online tool like:
Use the Cayenne Low Power Payload to decode

When DEFAULT_CAYENNE_ENABLED on 0 you can use this decode tool:

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Hello Jan,

Is the code of the decode tool opensource?

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