Data storage energy efficiency

Which is the more energy efficiency storage technology?
Use Flash Memory or SRAM?
The SRAM energy usage depends on stored data?

Thanks for your answare.

Hi Istvan,

If you are storing your data in the micro-controller’s (MCU’s) SRAM, then there is no extra energy costs, as the memory is maintained while the MCU is running. However, it is volatile memory and so the contents will be lost when the MCU is powered off. Also you should consider the amount of storage space as chips such as the SAMD21 have ~32KB of SRAM total.

If you are using the flash memory of the MCU (with or without EEPROM emulation), then there is no extra energy cost for flash memory other than perhaps during the write operation. Unlike with SRAM, flash memory is non-volatile and the contents will be maintained even if the MCU is powered off.

For additional storage, you can use an external flash chip. However, there will be some small amount of extra energy cost. The exact amount will be dependent on what part you select and your hardware implementation. You may also be able to create a circuit which completely powers down the external flash chip when you are not using it. The same is true here for using external storage in the form of an SD card.

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