Current limitation of the MBili

Hi all,

One small question, does anybody know the maximum current draw for the grove connectors (3.3V) on a MBili board? Is it 50mA, or more or…?


Hi Kristof,

Which version of the SODAQ Mbili do you have?

On revision 6b we have two regulators; one for the switchable 3.3V (3.3V_SW) and one for the ‘normal’ 3.3V. Both of these are available on the grove connectors. These regulators are specified to be able to provide 1A, but this will only be possible if the board is powered by a LiPo-battery. The maximum current when powered from USB will be more between the 200mA and 500mA (depending on your source).

Hope this helps you!

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Hi Gregory,

I have the revision 6b and also a LiPo battery. My sensor will draw 100mA, so i don’t need a relais, perfect! Thank you very much for your reply!