Connectivity to NBIOT


We are working on Sodaq SARA AFF R412 module for connectivity to the NBIOT network. Previously we were able to connect the module with 2G network and able to display the data. But when tried with the NBIOT sim for connectivity, we failed to connect.

Also, we installed Universal tracker for displaying data to the website.
In code, I changed the values as follows

#define DEFAULT_APN “duiot”
#define DEFAULT_BAND 524416

In serial monitor, we gave the following settings:

  1. fi=1

  2. ip=

  3. prt=8891

  4. ntype =3

  5. att= 4mMXXXXX ( Device token of

Though giving all the above settings, it seems to be not working .

Please help us to figure out the problem in connectivity to NBIOT. Let us know if we missed out any settings.

Hi @Priti,

We updated the tracker code last week, with adding the N3 support.
I recommend to update to the latest version with all recent bug fixes.
The ntype should be 4 in v1.1.0

mno profile
mno=1 is the default, this is automatic. This isn’t always working properly.
mno=100 will enable the generic EU profile.

524416 enables band 8 and 20. Do you connect to one of these or do other bands need to be enabled to work in your country?

dbg=1 will enable debug message. Do you see any errors here?

Best regards,