Connecting SODAQ SARA-R412M modules with external microcontroller

Can I use TX/RX connection from the SODAQ Sara R412M boards (AFF & SFF) to connect with an external microcontroller of my choice or an FTDI? Are there dedicated header connections or TPs from these boards? Please help me as I am unable to find any documentation for these boards.

Dear @muhanddis,

You can load a passthrough sketch on the SARA boards. Then the data is forwarded from the RX/TX from the ublox module to the external D0/D1 RX/TX pins.

The R4 board also has a 2nd USB interface directly to the ublox sara module.
You just here need to connect an USB cable and use it for example with a raspberry pi.
This 2nd USB port is the same you can use for updating the ublox firmware

Kind regards,