Connecting SARA AFF R4 12 with Arduino IDE


We are using SARA AFF R4 12 for connection to the 2G. Using micro USB port for the communication We are trying to send AT commands from the serial monitor but it is not working at all. My question is that:

  1. Is it necessary to download u-blox firmware when we are using Arduino IDE? Can we just directly connect the board to the PC and using PASSThrough example in Arduino Ide ?
  2. Is it possible to use AT Commands in Putty software for registration of the sim?

Please help us .


Hi @Priti,

Follow the getting started guide to install the SODAQ Boardfiles

Did you uncomment //#define R4XX in the pass-through example?

You can also directly connect the other USB port, to communicate to the ublox module.

Keep in mind that there has to be a battery connected to the board.

You can use any Serial Monitor software, also Putty, to send command to your board.
The baudrate should be 115200.

Best regards,