Connect SARA R410M to Vodafone NL NB-OT

Hi there,

I have a SARA R410M and want to make a connection with the Vodafone NB-IOTnetwork. De Module was delivered with pre-installed software which worked fine. The gps, battery and temp was visible in the Allthingtalk enviroment. After flashing the Vodafone maker software on the board i’ve not been able to send any data to the Allthingstalk enviroment. I can see that data is beeing sent with Serial Monitor, how ever the LED on the board is showing RED. De LCD is showing the text
Error Failed to configuration’. Also with Universal Tracker sketch i haven’t been able to send data.

What am I doing wrong?



Dear @jancars,

When you re-flash the Vodafone Maker software on then you also have to put in your Token manually.
To do this, you need to open the Serial Monitor and send the command within 30 seconds.

The same applies to the tracker code.

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