Connect GROVE sensor to SODAQ one V2 with base plate

As a starter, trying to find out how to connect a sensor with Grove-connection to the base.
I would like to connect the sensor to one of the available ports (0/1, 2/3, 6/7,8/9).
I would like to recieve a “standard piece of code” to get it working.

I quess the code has to have input like “enable pin 11” and some more.

I found this sample code:

// test code for Grove - Sound Sensor
// loovee @ 2016-8-30

const int pinAdc = A0;

void setup()
//Serial.println(“Grove - Sound Sensor Test…”);

void loop()
long sum = 0;
for(int i=0; i<32; i++)
sum += analogRead(pinAdc);

sum >>= 5;



I hope someone can help me out.

Some other samples allreaydy worked fine. Just don’t know how to enable the right “port”.



If you use Serial your debug output will be on I/O in 0 and 1.
Change to SerialUSB to debug over the usb cable to the computer.

How to enable pin 11 is explaind here, in the base section:

Jan van Loenen