Charging battery through Sodaq One v3


I have the 240 mAh battery connected to my Sodaq One, also the USB is connected. How can I tell if my battery is charging and when my battery is full?

The uint8_t getBatteryVoltage() function of the SodaqOneTracker_v3 project from Github ( keeps returning around 120 and does not go up while the USB is connected.

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When the yellow charge led is on the battery is getting charged.
120 * 10 = 1200 + 3000 = 4200 = 4,2Volts = FULL

The battery voltage will be between 3300 and 4200 millivolts.

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Does this calculation work for all the different batteries? Or does a 800 mAh need a different calculation?


The calculation is the same for all batteries.

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