Changing coding rate on the Sodaq one v2 tracker software

Hi, I have a Sodaq One V2 board and I’m wondering if there is a way to change the coding rate on the Sodaq one v2 tracker software. I looked for it, but I couldn’t find. I’ve read in the RN2483 documentation that, in order to change the coding rate, I need to use a radio command. However, in the tracker software, I only saw mac commands. Can someone please help me with this matter?


You can use sendCommand to set the coding rate.
For the correct parameters please check:

// Sends the command together with the given paramValue (optional)
// to the device and awaits for the response.
// Returns true on success.
// NOTE: command should include a trailing space if paramValue is set
bool Sodaq_RN2483::sendCommand(const char* command, uint8_t paramValue)

    return expectOK();

Thanks! It works like a charm :slight_smile: