CDP and ForceOperator Inquiry

I have just bought a NBIOT shield on Arduino lenardo with Sara n211. just need to know the technical description of the values inside CDP and ForceOperator to be able to inquire them from the operator.

my operator is Vodafone Egypt.

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CDP, Connected Device Platform, For T-MobileNL / Huawei this is OceanConnect.
ForceOperator this is your operator identifier. T-Mobile NL = 20416 where 204 is the identifier for the Netherlands.

The Sodaq_nbIOT library currently only works with CoAP we will soon support UDP in our library.

AT commands for CoAP and UDP can be found here:

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Thanks Jan, so you mean the force operator is the mcc and mnc ?
Also for the CDP, if i am not in Netherlands how would i know the local CDP ?
Excuse my little knowledge :slight_smile:

Yes this is correct.

You have to get this from your operator

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Thanks Jan for the fast response, when do u expect to update the libraries with the UDP ?

any good news about the UDP support ?