Cannot Send Mqtt Message Sodaq Sara R410M


I m trying to send a mqtt message from board to AllThingsTalk platform. The sequence of my commands is :
1.AT+UMQTT=1,1883 (Set local port for Mqtt broker)
2.AT+UMQTT=2,“ (set the server name)
3.AT+UMQTT=4,“myusername”,“mypassword” (username is the DeviceToke and password a random one)
4.AT+UMQTTWTOPIC=0,0,“device/LT6Dp0kWzuY1mCAslgNEtFHw/asset/Temperature/state” (Set the topic)
5.AT+UMQTTC=2,0,0,“device/LT6Dp0kWzuY1mCAslgNEtFHw/asset/Temperature/state”,"{“value”: “25”}" (Publish a message to my topic)
The response of last command is +UMQTTC: 2,0 OK

So the message dont send it.
My mqtt broker is running fine. i tested it by sending a message through terminal.

Does anyone know why cannot send this mqtt message?

Thank you very much

Hi @sakxam

Does one of the FAQ help?

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Hi Sakxam, i also had the same problem.
I noticed that with some services (example cloudmqtt) it works and with others instead (allthingstalk, ubitodots, cayenne) because they have set a username greater than 30 characters which is the limit of the field (both for username and password).
unfortunately, the 30 character limit is a restriction Ublox have set in their firmware.

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Thanks @scidox for pointing out the 30 character limit issue.
I’ll add it to the FAQ to have all the MQTT related issues together :slight_smile:

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