Can sodaq one act as multiple lora reciever?

I am new to LoRa and have a query regarding the Sodaq ONE. Can the Sodaq ONE act as a receiver to many Sodaq ONE’s set up as transmitters. We have a project where we would like to log data from several dispersed sites to one central receiver logging to an SD card.

Any help is much appreciated.


Hi @katesfb,

The RN2XX3 devices are Class A LoRaWAN devices, these can only listen a short period of time after sending a message first.

The firmware supports NON LoRaWAN features, like point-to-point LoRa, hereby you can set the device into listening mode. But only at a single channel. I don’t have much experience with this feature, since it’s not in the official LoRaWAN specs.

I recommend you buy a proper gateway and have the data stored there.
Here is a nice overview of available gateways:

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