Board sodaq_autonomo (platform samd, package SODAQ) is unknown

Dear Sodaq expert,

I’m experiencing some problems while I’m trying to compile something for my Autonomo board. I’ve downloaded the latest Arduino Studio (1.8.1) and downloaded the needed addons (Sodaq board managers

I have also tested both downloadlinks for the preferences (the /test/ and without); both seem not to work.

Is there any known fix for this or am I doing anything wrong?

Could you provide a screenshot or description of the errors you are encountering?

I forgot to add an Error screenshot, here it is:

It seems like there was some issue installing the Sodaq SAMD board files.

I would recommend clearing out the app data folder and reinstalling the board files.

On the Windows platform that folder can be found here:

Thanks alot! That did the trick!

I would recommend you to add this to the tutorial for Sodaq boards! A colleague had the same issues when he upgraded his Arduino Studio to a higher version!