Board compilation Error

I have just set up my LoRa ONE developer Kit. As mentioned at Sodaq Overview guide, I have installed Sodaq Board libraries, nevertheless, I got the following error when I compile a simple Led sketch;

“exit status 1
Error compiling for board SODAQ ONE”

It is so strange, since I have only a Port choice, which points COM4 (SODAQ EXPLORER), I think it should be Sodaq ONE, is not it? then I chose Sodaq ONE Board, which I guess it is the right one…

Is there anything I could have missed there?
(My Arduino IDE version is 1.8.2)

Many thanks

You might find it useful to turn on verbose output during compilation. You can find this option under File->Preferences in the IDE. You can expand the output view of the IDE to view more lines at once.

If you are unable to resolve the problem, you can post a screenshot (make sure it shows as many lines of the output as possible) or a text copy of the output.

Don’t worry about the board showing up as the Sodaq Explorer on the COM port selection.

Here you have the error compilation:

It is complaining because you don’t have a method called setup() in your sketch.

Just add a blank one and you should be fine:

void setup() { }

If you are using an example sketch, it is possible that previously this was optional.

If you have further errors, can you also post the sketch you are trying to compile.

Wow, such a silly thing…I commented the main function previously and I didn’t realise later on, even on the error details…

Sorry for bothering you