Board COM port don't remain visible for uploading Arduino sketch (SOLVED)


I already got stuck with my new One board with Arduino trying the first “Hello world” sketch.
The Sodaq One board can be selected, the COM3 port can be selected but after less then a minute the port is not accesible anymore. It looks like there is no more power on the board while it is still powered with the supplied USB cable. Also board info doesn’t work anymore and with the start in did work showing it as Arduino Zero (native port).

A workaround I found is starting the upload and within upload insert the usb cable in the computer so it is active when it comes to uploading to the board. In the logging I see that is terminated port 3 (?) and used COM4 with high speed to upload to the board.

Any help is approciated.

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After further searching around the website I found the solution:
“To safe power it is possible to disable the usb connection. In the tracker code the usb is disabled after the boot menu, this means you only have 30 seconds to upload a new sketch. If the reset button (base board) is pressed twice within a second the current sketch will not start and the SODAQ ONE will go into bootloader mode and is expecting a
new sketch. On your computer you will see a different com port.”

I wasn’t aware that the board was directly delivered with the trackercode that disables USB.
As mentioned, pressing the base reset switch twice I now see COM4 in Arduino in stead of COM3 and the port remains visible.