Beginner Probs with LoraOne Board V2

I bought 2 LoraOne boards to connect them by lora.
I am looking for simple tutorials-like Lora snippets.
At first I found
I load & run them
Result: Nothing happens. With the message: “The parameters for LoRa are not valid.”

I load another Snipped
Again, nothing happens.
But the USB-Connect is disabled and i can not do any more access.

What can I do to connect my boards again by USB?

Did you have any simple start snippets with positive results?

After the Reset of the PC (Windows 10) ist was possible, connect again to the loraOne-boards

When you power-up the sodaq one with tracker code you only have 30 seconds to send a command, after every commend the timer will reset to 30 seconds. After the 30 seconds the tracker program will start.

If you open a Serial Monitor and don’t see anything, just press enter. You will see the menu again and the timer is reset to 30 seconds.

The “SodaqOne-UniversalTracker” is for our first version of the SODAQ ONE.
The "SodaqOneTracker_v2"is the same software but modified to work on the SODAQ ONE V2
Choose the correct software version for your board.

message: “The parameters for LoRa are not valid.”
To use LoRaWAN you have to use your own LoRa keys, if the program does not safe your keys check if the Serial Monitor is on “Both NL & CR” next to the baudrate select. See:

On you can find some simple sketches.


Thanks for the information
I put the “SodaqOne Universal Tracker v2” Code on my 2 boards and
set the “app” to 20 and the “key” to 21, on both.

But I didn’t see any lora “traffic” send/receive on the console
What is the reason?

(maybe there was a better, simple snippet for my first send/receive tests?)

Is the “loRaBeeSend” compatibel to the LoraOne-board ?


Dear Wolf,

Yes, the sketch should be compatible.


It is also not possible to receive Lora-Data with the
snippet : “LoRa Serial Passthrough”.
Did you can tell me, what must I done to send AND Receive Data ?
(send is now going)

(is there not an complett, small existing “running” code snippet?

Thanks very much,

Maybe the hardware defekt ???

Situation : 2 LoraOne V2 boards with the simpel
“LoRa Serial Passthrough” snippets,
can’t receive any data.

What are the possible reasons ?

Thanks very much,

Hello, one question:
a) how can I disable the USB sleep, so I have more time to configure the parameters in the tracker menu.

thank you

Hi @pierre_gauvin

After 30 seconds the programm starts.
The software will output debug information and does not go into sleep when SerialUSB is used.
Or the software goes into sleep.

If you want more time to put in your parameters you should extend the menu timer in the software.
See BootMenu.cpp
#define BOOT_MENU_TIMEOUT (30 * 1000)

Kind regards,

I have a V3 I just bought.

Hi @pierre_gauvin

Without programmering, the timeout time for the bootup menu will always be 30 seconds.
With every command you execute, valid or invalid, the timer will reset and you have 30 new seconds.

Best regards,