Batch upload of firmware

Dear All,

I want to batch upload firmwares to the sara_N211 boards…

I notice that the ardiuno IDE executes this command to upload firmware to the device:
/home/xxxx/.arduino15/packages/arduino/tools/bossac/1.7.0/bossac -i -d --port=ttyACM10 -U true -i -e -w -v /tmp/arduino_build_296775/Test_M0.ino.bin -R

This does not work on the command line …

Is there a way to upload the Test_M0.ino.bin to the Sodaq board using the commandline only? (Btw I am using Linux)

Kind regards,

Dear Henk,

I think you are really close with these commands to upgrade with the command line.
You could try again with putting the device manually in bootloader mode. Double press the reset button.

I am not working on a linux system.
Hope there is someone else on a with Linux who already solved this.

Kind reagrds,

Hoi Jan,

Kan ik nog ergens schema vinden van de NBIot-shield?
Ik wil even iets proberen met de GPS…

Groetjes Henk

Hoi Henk,

Op deze pagina staat de info over de NBIoT-shield:
NB-IoT shield - SODAQ Support pages

Laat maar weten als ik je ergens mee kan helpen.