Basic questions

Hi, I got Autonomo, LoRaBee from the workshop at KPN.

Some questions:

  • where can I find a LoRa coverage map in the Netherlands
  • if I dont have coverage, what is the expected result of (LoRaBee.initABP(loraSerial, devAddr, appSKey, nwkSKey, true))
    I do get a True here but I expect that I dont have a connection to the LoRa network, only to the LoRaBee
  • if I dont have coverage, what is the expected result of switch (LoRaBee.sendReqAck(1, (uint8_t*)reading.c_str(), reading.length(), 8))
    I do get a Timeout, InternalError and Busy here, nothing else.
  • Is the Timeout a timeout error between the Autonomo and the LoRaBee ?

The setup worked fine during the workshop.

Thanks in advance


You have a key to the demo network of KPN, all the base station can be moved around and are not on a fixed place.
Maybe you can contact KPN if they have a coverage map.

The result of LoRaBee.initABP(loraSerial, devAddr, appSKey, nwkSKey, true)) should always be true, else there is something wrong with the lorabee. This command just sets the keys for the network you want to use.

A timeout is the correct feedback when you dont have a basestation in range, the Busy is that you are trying to send to many times. The Internal error comes after that, the buffer of the bee is full and overloads. Now you cannot send anything anymore and you will have to re init the network.

I have an overview of the basestation I made connection to.
This is collected in one year, base station could be moved around, down, so try your luck with it :smile:
I made it fast so when a basestation has no GPS fix you get coordinates 0,0 (just zoom out and zoom in at the benelux)
And the gps is not accurate, so the map is showing multiple basestation positions on the map.
I will fix it in the future, if i have time for it.


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Hi Jeroen - take a look here this will help you in setting up your autonomo with th thingsnetwork (open network)

LoRaBee.initABP(loraSerial, devAddr, appSKey, nwkSKey, true) will always return true as really don’t send any packet, just set the keys for transmition.

The timeout error must come from the USAR connection with the LoRaBee module.

You should close the SJ3 strap in autonomo and the SJ1 strap in LoRaBee module to connect the reset properly. This way the LoRaBee will really work fine.

LoRaBee.sendReqAck send the packet and expect an ack from the gateway, if there is no gateway you should receive a NoAcknowledgment error.

You can use also LoRaBee.send then you should receive a NoError even if there is no gateway.

I have some units working fine.

Hi Alberto, thanks for your input, sounds logical to me. 2 more questions…

Do you mean USAR or UART ? Why would you get a time-out?
How did you close the SJ1; I dont have a jumper. Do I need to get my soldering iron out ?


Sorry I mean UART.
Normally you get the timeout because the Lora microchip is not working properly as the Reset is not working.

The timeout is not from Lora network, is from the serial connection between the Autonomo and the LoRaBee

To close both jumpers you will need a solder, but is very easy.