Autonomo maximum Voltage on Vin PIN

Hello ,

what is the maximum voltage that could be applied to Autonomo Vin PIN ?
From characteristics of voltage regulator it seem to be 6V.
May I use 7.4V LiPo batteries to Battery connector to power Autonomo and the 5V sensors connected to it ?



Sorry for mistake , I meant what is maximum V to provided to Vbat PIN or directly to LiPo connector ?



I believe you will damage the components as that exceeds the absolute maximums specifed.

The datasheet for the LiPo charger (MCP73831) lists a maximum of 6V and an absolute maximum of 7V.

The datasheet for the 3.3V regulator (XC6220) lists an absolute maximum of 6.5V

Note, a LiPo battery rated at 3.7V will read ~4.2V when fully charged.
So a 7.4V LiPo will be about 8.4V when fully charged.

The Autonomo schema can be found here:

Thank you Gabriel , you are obviously right !