Autonome + RN2483 + DHT11


I recently bought the Autonome LoRaWan dev kit and try to compile the Autonome_LoRa_DHT_Volt sketch but I got the following errors:

Compiled in 1.6.6

Autonomo_LoRa_DHT_Volt:40: error: call to ‘DHT::DHT(uint8_t, uint8_t, uint8_t)’ uses the default argument for parameter 3, which is not yet defined

Any idea how to solve this?

Kind regards

Hi Marco,

Could you confirm which DHT library you are using.
Is it this one:

It appears to be complaining about how the constructor is called. Could you provide the section of code, from your sketch, where you declare the DHT object.

Hi Gabriel,

I think I used the wrong DHT libs, With the libraries from the link you gave above, compiling is doing well but now it seems somethings wrong with the port. At the end of uploading, the process stops and after a while it says: “No device found on COM13”

That’s strange cause If I connect the Autonome with usb cable to my compu, device manager says:

Arduino Zero COM13

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!