AT+CSQ remains at +CSQ:99,99 - no coverage/connectivity? (SOLVED)


I’m using the AT commands as described at the
All commands give OK but with AT_CSQ the only value I get is +CSQ:99,99.
AT+CGATT? gives +CGATT:0 in stead of 1 if it is connected to the T-Mobile network.
Using +CGSN I’ve checked the IMEI and this can be read so the SIM card is visible.

What does this mean?
That T-Mobile has no coverage in my area or can I do something else to make this work?

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I retried the next day with same AT commands and now I’m connected.
Using +CSQ is see another value and I get network statistics that before were zero.

Still unknown why I didn’t have connectivity yesterday on the same location and the same settings & AT commands.