AT Commands for SARA R412M and T-Mobile

I’m trying to connect my SARA R412M to the T-Mobile network. I’ve tried the steps from but I’m stuck at AT+CGPADDR

The value returned is always: +CGPADDR: 1,
So I’ve also tried combining with other commands from:

When I enter AT+CGATT? the result always is: +CGATT: 0
When I’m again try to connect with T-Mobile with AT+COPS=1,2,"20416" the result is: +CME ERROR: SIM failure

I’m wondering if I’m using the right commando’s because my device is a SARA R412M and not the R410M.

AT+CSQ is returning values between 14.* and 19.9

I’ve successfully used an R412 with a KPN SIM roaming here in the UK. I’ve never tried T-Mobile, but at the risk of stating the obvious it sounds like you have a problem with your SIM card?

Ok, but is scrambling also neccesary in the UK? I found out that it’s needed for the networks in NL

There are options to activate them but that won’t work in the R412M yet. Done with the commands described in this post: