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I have a Sodaq SARA AFF N211 connected by vodafone with his vodafone SIM card.

I’m in Barcelona, I can connect my board over NB-IoT (I think) when I send :
AT+COPS: 1,2,“21401”,9 it works and i’m connected to the network, If i send AT+CSQ the module returns me signal (around 15/16 something like that).
I open my socket AT+USOCR=17,200 and send a packet thank to AT+USOST=0,“”,20000,11,“4e422d496f543031303030”

I checked the consumption profile and it’s OK, the frame is sent.

my question is :

I can connecte my device ONLY with this APN : nb.inetd.gdsp if I change for another one it doesn’t work
with this APN my frame is sent but I don’t received in my server. it might be an APN issue

What is the right APN for Vodafone spain ?

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The APN is the same for all simcards: [quote=“BenSem, post:1, topic:2278”]

This should work in Spain also.

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Hi, it’s working in Spain, I’m connected to the network but I don’t receive my data in my server, We tested the same code in US just by changing the SIM the APN and the bands because we are not in vodafone in US (T-Mobile) and we receive our data in our cloud.

I don’t understand the this behavior.

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Hi @BenSem,

Did you manage to fix the issue with sending to your own server with the Vodafone SIM?

If not, can you please send us an email with the IMEI and CCID you use.
I will then contact Vodafone to see if they can help with the issue.

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