Accessing UDP servers


I have a SARA-R410M board from VF NBIoT starter kit in The Netherlands.
All works well and now I am experimenting with various examples such as accessing a UDP server.
It was relatively easy to access the allthingstalk platform and push UDP messages and now I would like to push the messages to a UDP server we have set up on AWS. From a python test-client on laptop this works well but from my device and the VF network no messages are being received.

Are there any restrictions as to which servers can be accessed from the via the network and/or should a server be whitelisted? This would be more to do with VF as operator I guess.

I am simply adapting the UDP example from the Sodaq site


Yes you should contact VF Netherlands first. Because of their security policy you have to explicitly inform them which IP addresses you want to whitelist.

Just came back to this issue after a long break.
Unfortunately VF doesn’t seem to answer questions on this subject.
I didn’t even get a confirmation that my mail had been received :frowning:

Hi @cjchalmers,

The VF sims SODAQ ships with the device are for test purposes only.
The sims are only sending to the AllThingsTalk server.

They will probably never answer.

You can buy from Vodafone new sims, then they have to support the sims you bought with a paid subscription.

But there is also T-Mobile.
They have a free community subscription

Hope this helps!

Best regards,